Activity by Sector

MCP has provided consultancy services across a range of sectors, here are some examples.

Building Society

MCP Activity

Integration of disparate payroll and personnel information systems following the merger of two major societies.

Defence Contractor

Development of a cost planning and control system compliant with MoD standards. Significant savings in estimators' costs and improvements in reporting lead times were achieved.

International Bank

Feasibility study for a personnel information management system comprising the development of user specifications and evaluation of selected systems.

NHS Trust

Implemented a RFID File Tracking system in a large acute hospital leading to significant savings and process improvements in the Health Records department.

Disability Charity

Consultancy services

Car Rental Company

Development of business intelligence system for managers of a car rental fleet, providing performance reporting of fleet income and costs.


Implementation of project management system including the development of project plans, incorporating multi-level planning with work breakdown structures, critical path analysis of activity networks and resource scheduling.

Finance Company

Design and implementation of international portfolio management system, incorporating multi-lingual invoicing, cross-border taxation and international accounting.

Central Government Agency

Implementation of a multi-project programme management system with earned value reporting for a ten year construction project and a specialist IT project.

Educational Establishment

Design and development of resource management system incorporating instructor scheduling, room and equipment allocation and course/student profile matching.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Implementation of data warehouse and business intelligence system, designed to highlight adverse trends in sales volume and identify unprofitable lines.

Pharmaceutical Company

Development of a forecasting system for global insulin requirements incorporating data warehousing and flexible reporting techniques.

Software Laboratory

Design and development of project costing system to support earned value techniques and graphical cost/schedule performance reporting.

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